Claire’s musical travels have taken her all over the map. Literally. Australian born and raised, after graduating high school she spent a few years traveling all over the world with nothing but a guitar and a backpack before eventually landing in Nashville, TN

A multi-instrumentalist, she spent time writing country songs and working with other artists for their projects, even touring as guitarist for a major artist, before feeling free enough to come back to her familiar process, forgetting genre, forgetting rules, and just writing and singing what was true to her. What was real.

Claire is no stranger to telling a story. Though her songwriting craft has been influenced by living in the country music capital, you'll never hear the twang of a banjo or fiddle. Instead, her music ranges from dark, driving, epic tracks, to beautiful ethereal ballads. She never shies away from telling it like it is. Her lyrics are at times, heart wrenching and vulnerable. At times, empowered and strong.  Her beautifully crafted songs are delivered by buttery vocals that can make you feel like she’s whispering her darkest secrets in your ear, or yelling her anger across a crowded room.

If you haven’t heard her name she’s probably sung a song or two to you before. Claire’s songs have been featured on networks like HBO, CBS, NBC, The CW Freeform and MTV, not to mention promos, trailers, video games, commercials and films. Tunefind also named Claire’s song “My Love Will Never Die,” a collaboration with producer AG, the #1 TV Song for 2019. And it’s no surprise that Claire’s songs have found success in the Film and TV world, after all, her music expresses raw, natural human emotions. You don’t just hear her songs. You don’t just relate to them. You FEEL them.